The best and worst marriage advice ever given to me.

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE BEING PHYSICALLY ABUSED THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU. On this Thursday Zack and I will have been married for five years. To some that’s nothing, to others that’s longer than they’ve made it. But it’s not so much the amount of time. It’s the lessons learned during this time. I’m going … More The best and worst marriage advice ever given to me.


I really luxuriate when my almost 3 year old Daphne says spaghetti. In my earlier parenting years I would have corrected the child. As I did with the older two. Because I wanted them to be exceedingly smart. Today I role with it. Actually I join in. “Yes Daphne were having boo-gat-ee” she will often … More Growth

H I M (poem)

  Chained to a mindset that likes to lead you to forget You’re not forgotten you’re free from rotting Your hearts still beating far from stopping This is your time the grounds long for your stomping For dust to fly and settle on a paserby Who thinks you less they can’t see a lot Leave … More H I M (poem)

Women of Affair(s)

Dear women of affair(s), How did we get here? We were once strong or we thought we were? This letter is for you for right where you’re at whether your husband knows or your friends know, whether everybody knows. Whether you’re divorced or soon-to-be-divorced, weather this is the tiniest secret that Has just begun and … More Women of Affair(s)

Facebook god

We follow people who only have our views. And they fuel the want to reciprocate whichever side we’re on. If we try to follow someone with opposing views our Facebook page turns to an opinionated land mine. I believe there is a spiritual war on Facebook that we are fighting. An entrapment that we willingly … More Facebook god