Comparison Is The Murder Of Dreams.

Hello believers,

My whole life I have grown up in the church under leaders who have given an appearance of arrival. I’ve been fed subconsciously by everyone behind a pulpit and on a conference stage that Christianity means to overcome and be done.  We read these books of how someone met Jesus and their life changed. Yes our life’s change and it’s a good change. But its more like a change by perception not so much position. We see the reality of this world and those around us and should change from the inside out.

I have secretly thought that I should be expecting myself to arrive. I’ve been thinking “any day now.. I’ll be there.” That I would reach the level one day that people who stand on stages have. I’ve come to find out that’s a lie. We do get deeper and deeper in our walk with God. It is such a complicated mystery I can’t break it down to a science. But we never arrive. If we arrived, we would stop needing God the way he wants us to need him.

We read books about over-comers, watch movies, videos about these grand people who overcame addictions, near death experiences, extreme loss, but how many times do they shed light on the phantom memories that haunt them. Or their thoughts to fall back. Or how the desires of this world don’t just fall away. The curiosity doesn’t suddenly leave you. Do they become less alluring? Maybe. disappear? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, we overcome a lot following God. We are fools to think we will be free from sin, pain, and darkness through overcoming something to obtain a level of walk with God.

More importantly don’t feel ruined because of the fact that you’re human. Because you are caught in the striving. That’s the whole reason God sent Jesus.

Teddy Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy.” But its more than that. It’s the murder of dreams. For every dream you have you usually compare it with someone who has seemed to “Fulfill” their dream. Don’t lay your premature dream next to a mature dream to compare its present state with.

I’m have been so blessed in the past couple years to start walking along side some amazing people. People who will be taking places on pulpits and stages. These people have been refreshingly honest with me and have inspired my want to be transparent. Life is hard. God is good regardless. There is no formula of chasing God and being free from the hardships of life.

There is no formula. I have been on my way to sin and the holy spirit has wrapped me in love and fulfillment. I have been devoted for weeks and felt so very far from God. Don’t try just to feel God. Be with God because you love him. Not for him to fix your problems or fulfill your visions. If we just started genuinely walking with God not to produce our next thing, or get our next big idea, or even just for him to heal something. If we walked with God because when everything was stripped away we are desperate. What a change we would see.

It wont be easy but it will be worth it. The weapons will form but they won’t prosper.

To God be all the glory.

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