Crimson Cage (poem)


There was a man so twisted and undone.

He covered his face and disgraced the sun.

He had locked away in a crimson cage.

A memory that infected him with rage

So torn by the experience that was locked away,

He vowed to ensure no outer presence ever stay.

He looked at the key and the man sternly vow.

To never let it have any control, it would never bring Him down.

Unplanned the secret in the cage resided in the mans heart.

when He venture back to the world He felt immense dark.

The man became overcome. feeling foolish for hoping to bypass,

A memory so sharp it pierced His ability like glass.

So the man got modestly lost in whatever that He could.

His honest heart kept him as straight as it would.

One who is lost feels at home when astray

He had a strange encounter with a women one day

The two started to chat nothing too profound

When the women noticed He was held down

Realization of a similar feelings She once displayed

Brought back the memory of Her crimson cage.

She leaned over and feeling bold rather than broken

Didn’t esteem much still the words became spoken..

“I have lots of secrets too. Things that beat me black and blue. I have rage, my fist meet walls and I often find myself where I shouldn’t be involved. Often times I have to pretend that at night tears don’t fall from my chin.”

The man look confused, His emotions a vault.

Still She continued knowing such problems aren’t his fault.

“I don’t have much but I found a light that makes the weight from memories light. The light is strong and found my cage the pain has been dissipating since that day. What was in me that was decay has turned to inexplicable joy, that through trial stays.”

She reached Her hands in the center of Her breast

Through Her skin She pulled out Her chest.

Cradled in Her finger A glowing ball, a glowing beam.

That made His darkness feel brighter than it’s ever been.

With this light it was like a new lense.

That created a new way for Her eyes to see Him.

So the look She gave was different than others.

One he never received from family, friends, nor lovers.

He looked back strangely and faced His shock

When He realized the greatness She saw in Him. because He did not.

She confessed holding the beam

“this view is not my own, I found it from a man who resides on a thrown.  He on the thrown saw the world in its state of dismay. His father created him to avenge every grave. He is the one with holes in His wrists. He takes every case He would never dismiss, The cage that you have crimson and heavy. He sees it and wants to take it when you’re ready. ”

She continued with tears that sparked as they fell

“I know most look at me and just see my brokenness as well. But I’m learning to look I’m starting to see. What it means when this kind one is looking at me. I just want you to know when I look, I really see you. ‘Cause the risen one is showing me how too. I know you have secrets. Even if I never know what they are. This man I tell you of carried those secrets in the form of punctures and scars. So if you’re ever hurting enough to need redemption. Find the man who gave me this light, for light is his composition

The girl took the light and pressed it back inside Her skin

She took a few steps closer and gently kissed Him.

She then walked away and never returned .

The man wincing as His eyes recovered the glowing beams burn.

Something inside of Him curious and alive.

Wondered how with out that joy He  had sadly survived.

This time instead of vowing to keep something hidden

He decided to venture out to find this king who is risen.

He vowed immediately, I will never stop until I find that source of inspiration.

I will climb every mount, there will be no limitation.

He mourned, I have spent too much time enrolled in wrong.

But I will find this man for I have no where else to belong.

This man who was once twisted and undone

Let go of all perceptions and found the rise one.

Then He changed the world because His darkness was no match

For the victory made for Him that would one day last.

The man overcame the many wars and stipulations

To show all tribes and nations they are free to have redemption.


No matter the things you hold inside of you

The risen one wants to raise you up too.

He’s always there no darkness can hide

What He has waiting for you when your time is right.

To God be the glory.

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