I still can’t believe it. That a woman’s body was created to absorb a seed and manifest a life. I can’t believe that a woman’s character can absorb the hardships of playing mommy and caretaker, and still at the end of a long day, after the messes shipwreck us onto the shores of lack of … More Labor

Revival (poem)

The cities geometric gems sing out to me like church hymns concrete slabs where broken soles drag concrete slabs where people stand for perceived truth on broken legs all I see is a soul that begs for nourishment no flowers in the city but it has such potential for flourishing if theses seeds would bloom … More Revival (poem)

The best and worst marriage advice ever given to me.

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE BEING PHYSICALLY ABUSED THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU. On this Thursday Zack and I will have been married for five years. To some that’s nothing, to others that’s longer than they’ve made it. But it’s not so much the amount of time. It’s the lessons learned during this time. I’m going … More The best and worst marriage advice ever given to me.


I really luxuriate when my almost 3 year old Daphne says spaghetti. In my earlier parenting years I would have corrected the child. As I did with the older two. Because I wanted them to be exceedingly smart. Today I role with it. Actually I join in. “Yes Daphne were having boo-gat-ee” she will often … More Growth