So I had a plan. It was all laid out. As a lot of you know, I volunteer with the local pregnancy resource center. As a lot of you know, I got pregnant at 16, and my heart is so fastened to loving young women even older women who are unexpectedly pregnant. God was really … More WE’RE EXPECTING

Surrender Party

Balloons of expectation popped by exaltation Festival procession to the altar Gods prized possession His present the presence skin unwrapped torn in essence Psalms praising the prince on colt The psalms proclaiming what the pharisees won’t The rocks cry out if the people don’t Cloaks pressing ground a runway to heavens party We were given … More Surrender Party

Mama, Lament…

I’m convinced that in motherhood we all must mourn. We must mourn our unmet expectations, our inability, unmet expectations of others, our unrealistic ideas, our compulsions, our needs that are constantly suppressed. As we are pouring ourselves out at a rate that we can not fill back up as fast as. Motherhood is God greatest … More Mama, Lament…

Christianity and new ageism can not, do not and will not mix.

preface I wrote this piece last night after being inspired for less than a day to write it. I was up all night long thinking about it and I want to say before you dive in that I’m approaching the subjects from a very broad view because my audience is Christians who might be dabbling … More Christianity and new ageism can not, do not and will not mix.

The Resident

Part 1 Most likely the smallest town left on the planet. With no more stores and businesses than needed. You had two neighborhoods that each had about fifty houses. One hundred small houses. Housing one hundred small families. Everyone knew everyone down to their bad habits. There was nothing new or extensive within a five … More The Resident